They say they are the windows to your soul but unfortunately, they are also the teller of your age or lifestyle too.

Most of us are aware that the skin around our eyes is thinner and more delicate than the rest of our face but do we know how best to look after it? And no, simply slathering on an expensive eye cream is not the answer.

Eye cream is a good place to start though! First establish what you consider your issue to be (puffiness, dark circles, lines etc) and choose your cream accordingly; for instance if darkness is a problem look for products containing brightening antioxidants or to combat puffiness look for caffeine on the ingredients list, such as the Dr Perricone PRE:EMP series Brightening Eye Cream, £39 – this silky cream is perfect for anyone from mid-20s upwards, to restore and maintain youthful skin. If it’s wrinkles and sagging that need to be treated, the Dr Perricone Re:Firm Eye, £96 is the product for you! Quite a new product to the range, the Re:Firm eye is already making a name for itself for its spectacular firming and lifting results!

*btw yes, I am a Dr Perricone fan! He is a certified dermatologist dedicated to healthy ageing so I am very confident putting my sensitive eyes in his hands, so to speak. *

When you apply your eye cream, use no more than the size of a grain of rice, warm it between your two ring fingers and tap it gently into the skin on the occipital bone (the circle of bone that surrounds your eye) every morning and evening. Applying too much cream can actually puffiness worse as the tiny vessels can’t deal with the product overload, so too can applying the cream too close to the eyes as there are even fewer vessels there (meaning circulation is reduced) and excess product can accumulate over time.

Consistency and care is the key to preserving youthful eyes! Try to treat the eyes a couple of times a week with a specific eye mask or treatment, I like the Murad Eye Lift Firming Treatment, £45. I always use it before a night out as it instantly brightens and ‘fills’ the skin to look lovely and smooth. Over time the vitamin E and amino acids help to restore elasticity. Another thing I like to use before a night out (and the morning after, and when I’m tired/ill/stressed/always!) is the Foreo Iris, £119. Foreo is famous for its T-Sonic, silicone cleansing brush and when I first saw the Iris- an eye massager shaped to fit the eye contour- I thought “what’s the point? I can just use the massage side of my Foreo brush” but I was so wrong! The Iris is incredible, it’s inspired by Indian finger tapping massage; the gentle pulsations drain away excess fluid and improve the absorption of your eye products. The Iris can also help with puffiness due to sinus problems (this is more common than you’d think- even blowing your nose too hard can cause puffy eyes if you cause the sinus’ to become inflamed!). I can whole-heartedly say, there is a visible improvement to the skin around my eyes since I have been using the Iris.

For an instant ‘eye-fix’ head to Hari’s on Brompton Rd for the Eye Architect Lash Lift, £85 with lash specialist, Nikki. It’s a new generation lash lift (the new and improved version of eyelash perming) and tint to give you dark, curved, fluttery lashes, coupled with a soothing lymphatic drainage massage using the ‘bioengineered-fresh-from-the-lab’ Elethea Eye Architecture Cream, £75 and rose quartz crystals. The Elethea cream contains peptides and tamarind seed extract which is 40% more powerful than the much-loved hyaluronic acid! This is a fast-track treatment to wide awake eyes!

And speaking of lashes- luscious lashes hide a multitude of sins so make sure you look after them too! The Shavata Brow Strengthener, £18 (for brows and lashes) is a nourishing cold pressed castor oil rich in omega 9 fatty acids, minerals and nutrients that help to nourish and strengthen the hairs via a no-nonsense roller ball applicator. This won’t make new hair grow but it will make existing hair healthier and it is so easy to use that you are likely to be consistent with it.

It’s as simple as that! A few tiny steps for perfect peepers!


Dr Perricone PRE:EMP series Brightening Eye Cream, www.perriconemd.co.uk

Dr Perricone Re:Firm Eye, www.perriconemd.co.uk

Murad Eye Lift Firming Treatment, www.murad.co.uk

Foreo Iris, www.foreo.com

Elethea Eye Architecture Cream & Eye Architect Lash Lift, www.harissalon.com or to book call Hari’s Brompton Road on 020 7581 5211

Shavata Brow Strengthener, www.shavata.co.uk


I suppose we have Cara Delevigne to thank/blame for the big eyebrow phenomenon, she obviously burst on to the scene years ago now and the trend for fuller eyebrows isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

This is great news for all the big-browed girls out there who don’t have the hassle of plucking anymore but for us girls who lived through the high-arched (or ‘over-plucked’) 90’s era, it’s a bit more of a problem.

I’ve been growing my eyebrows back in for around 5 years now (yes really!) and although I’m happy with my growth, they still need a fair bit of attention in the makeup department. Gaps need filling and the shape needs perfecting before I leave the house every day and it was becoming a bit of a drag.

I personally don’t like the tattooed look but I had been becoming more and more intrigued by microblading. Microblading is still a form of tattooing but it looks incredibly natural. Little strokes of colour are drawn on with a very fine blade to look like individual hairs to fill in gaps and create a better shape. It is so clever and so realistic; I knew I had to try it.

I arrived at Sian Dellar’s Harley Street clinic feeling very nervous- was I really about to tattoo my face??!! Sian instantly put me at ease, she is just as pedantic about eyebrows as I am! I told her what I thought was wrong with my shape and she pencilled in how she thought best to correct it. We then discussed colour. Colour is such a personal thing, some people want a darker more made up look, I wanted something more natural that would look good with or without the rest of my makeup on. Sian understood exactly.

Next she applied numbing cream to the area (thank goodness!) and got to work. The process took much longer than I expected, around an hour, and was only uncomfortable when the numbing cream wore off (Sian applied more cream when I told her I needed it) the only icky part for me was the sound of the blade- it sounds a bit ‘scrapey’! The whole treatment was so much more straight forward than I expected though.

Immediately after my brows looked very dark and very ‘done’, Sian assured me I would lose 50% of the colour in the first week, phew! I then had to keep my eyebrows away from water, makeup and cleanser for a week which was harder than it sounds. The blade strokes scab over as they heal which can be a bit itchy but like regular tattoos, it is essential that you don’t pick at them (this took all the willpower I have in my being! I am a terrible picker!).

As promised, 50% of the colour did fade after a week and after 4 weeks I had my follow up appointment. At the follow up, Sian filled in any last gaps and went over any strokes that had faded more than others, you also have the option at this appointment to go a bit darker if you were too conservative at your first appointment.

A week later my eyebrows are looking pretty perfect and won’t need redoing for at least 9 months! This is definitely my type of treatment; a low-maintenance-time-saver!

Not quite Cara but close enough!

Microblading treatment including follow up, £495


THE PERFECT PRE-PARTY COMPLEXION PERFECTOR PEEL! (Try saying that after a few glasses of champagne!)

Yes, that’s right a PRE-party peel, as in; face peel. Face peels have a slight fear factor about them but that’s quite unjustified- peels can be amazing for the skin and of course there are many different intensities available nowadays too.

I was a skin care specialist for years and I loved the results chemical peels gave my clients, especially those suffering from blocked pores but concerned about the first signs of ageing. Peels have a cascade effect on the skin, gently seeping through the pores pushing dead skin cells and grime to the surface. Besides making the complexion smoother and clearer, peels can also make the pores look smaller and improve the appearance of pigmentation too- see, nothing to fear here! The majority of new generation peels do not require any downtime either (*time when you need to hide away from the world!) and none more so than the Obagi Blue Peel Radiance Treatment. The famous Obagi Blue Peel is now available in different strengths and the radiance treatment is specifically designed for an instant fix!

I had my treatment with Dr Mayoni Gooneratne, Aesthetics Doctor at The Clinic by Dr Mayoni the day before a big event I was attending and I wanted to look my absolute best. After a thorough consultation, the treatment began. I didn’t find it uncomfortable at all, and reassuringly the prickly feeling was more intense on my problem areas. The ‘prickliness’ comes from the salicylic acid in the peel which is an incredible pore cleaner and skin brightener. The only slight discomfort I had was in my nose! I have an incredible sense of smell so I felt the need to take shallow breaths through my mouth only (turns out I’m in the minority as nobody else I know that has had the treatment felt like this!).

After the treatment my face looked a bit red in places but not sore at all, I noticed my pores looked instantly more refined. The next day at my event, my skin looked incredible! The annoying breakouts on my chin that previously wouldn’t clear up were practically all gone and my face was so smooth and bright! It really is the perfect pre-party treatment!

Over the days that followed I had a fair amount of peeling and dryness (I was warned this could happen) but again it was mostly on my problems areas so it made me feel like those areas had been thoroughly targeted by the peel, which is a good thing! By day 5, post-peel, the true results of the peel are visible; smooth, bright, clear skin! I imagine the results get better and better with regular treatments and the ‘peeling period’ would be less as there will be less of a build-up of dead skin.

With fans such as Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore and Alicia Keys (no wonder she goes make-up free these days!) and backing from the best in the business – aesthetician to the stars, Dr Rita Rakus says “these celebrities understand the power of using scientifically proven skincare which is why they choose to use Obagi Medical. Obagi products work at a cellular level to transform skin from the inside out.” – this is a little blue peel that really does put the glow back in your cheeks!


The Blue Peel Radiance Treatment at The Clinic by Dr Mayoni, 020 8699 9496 www.drmayoni.co.uk

To find your nearest clinic, visit https://www.healthxchange.com/clinic-finder

Want an Instagram body? Get yourself down to Best’s Bootcamp pronto!

The term Bootcamp seems to be quite loosely used these days, gone are the days where the name Bootcamp envisioned running around in mud getting shouted at by a khaki-clad army sergeant, rather it has become quite widely used for all manner of exercise classes with a particular goal in mind ‘summer bootcamp’ ‘bikini bootcamp’ I even saw a ‘booty bootcamp’ once!

Well Best’s Bootcamp in central London is back to basics with a side order of luxe glamour! Instead of the army sergeant, you have highly trained, enthusiastic trainers watching, encouraging and pushing your every move; in return you can easily watch the trainer via the Trainer Cam, visible to everyone in the studio, to ensure you are performing each move correctly. And instead of a muddy field, you have a state-of-the-art studio with resident DJ’s!

Each session offers a different balance of cardiovascular and strength training so you will boost your fitness level and improve muscle tone in each class, with your trainer mixing up the two disciplines throughout the session to keep your muscles on their toes and push you that bit harder.

All the exercise moves are straightforward in execution but with the addition of the Best Box; a soft step, exclusively designed in-house, allowing you to adjust the degree of difficulty and create versatility, and the UK’s only Freemotion Treadmills with a downhill setting as well as in-built fans (thank you!) and pre-set speeds, you get so much more out of each move and each class.

The best part about Best’s for me are the changing rooms! With gorgeous Khiels hair & beauty products, GHD straighteners and spare hairbands (!) you really don’t need a huge gym bag anymore! I usually end up taking half my bathroom cabinet to the gym so this is a very welcome change for me!

For 2 days after my first class I could barely walk- getting down stairs was absolute agony! It made me realise just how little I push myself, if at all, in the gym. I mean, what is the point in spending an hour the gym if you’re not getting all you can from it? I thought I was quite self-motivated in the gym but as it turns out, not so much! I think I’ll let Best’s do all the motivation from now on and I’ll just reap the rewards!


Dark spots, sun damage and splotches? Pigmentation: Complexion Enemy No.1

My uneven pigmentation is the bane of my life! No matter how clear or bright my skin is, all I see when I look in the mirror are sun-induced splotches all over my face caused by sun abuse from years gone by. That’s the irony actually; I stopped sunbathing 8 years ago (with no real signs of sun damage) and have religiously worn a daily spf on my face ever since, but the deep damage caused in my teens and early 20s is working its way to the surface and becoming *very* noticeable to me.

Let’s be clear, I’m not a hater of freckles, in fact I think they can look incredibly beautiful but there is a huge difference between a spatter of neat freckles trailing across a nose and uneven splodges covering an entire face and eyelids- this is pigmentation damage, and ‘damage’ is not a word I want associated with my skin!

For mild pigmentation issues there are some amazing products on the market now; a targeted moisturiser and exfoliant will have you brightened up in no time. I like the Murad Intensive C Radiance Peel for exfoliating (don’t be put off by the word ‘peel’ it is simply an enzymatic exfoliant rather than a physical, i.e. scrub, exfoliant). Vitamin C is essential for pigmentation control as it is the only free-radical-fighting vitamin the body can use to protect against UV rays. Vitamin C also stimulates collagen and is anti-inflammatory, which is exactly what damaged skin needs. The Murad peel is fantastic at slothing off dead cells and noticeably brightening the skin but it is ESSENTIAL to use a high spf after any exfoliating product otherwise you are leaving your fresh new cells vulnerable to new damage, defeating the object! To moisturise, the SKN-RG Advanced Brightening Moisturiser is very, very clever, its unique Ultra Luminance Complex actually helps to inhibit melanin production (melanin is what determines the darkness in colour of the skin) making new pigmentation marks less visible. It also brightens the skin and targets fine lines and wrinkles! It has quite an unusual smell but I choose results over smell any day!

For more serious pigmentation problems, the only way you will get rid of it completely is with a laser I’m afraid. Chemicals peels can help, dermaroller has a good result, as does mesotherapy (injecting vitamin cocktails directly into effected areas) but the only thing I have ever seen to actually clear the skin, is a laser. The big problem with lasers though, is the ‘downtime’ needed after a treatment. Downtime is simply time where you might want to hide away! It is when the skin looks and feels very red and sore, and can possibly peel or flake off. Hence why I have not gone down that road before!

So when I heard about the Picoway Resolve Laser Treatment that rejuvenates the skin, clears pigmentation damage and has no downtime, I didn’t hesitate to try it! Originally designed for tattoo removal, the Picoway has been getting amazing results with pigmentation issues too. Without getting too techy; the Picoway uses the shortest picosecond pulse duration laser, which basically means it doesn’t penetrate too deeply, enabling it to clear up surface imperfections (including minor scarring) as well as penetrating the epidermis for skin rejuvenation. It doesn’t create nearly as much heat as other lasers (it is the heat that creates the post treatment redness/soreness) which is why there is no downtime. That’s not to say you won’t be a bit red for a few days, you may even have some little blood spots and your pigmentation will probably look darker initially but all this can easily be covered with makeup if needed. I have had 2 treatments so far and the results are incredible, my skin looks so much fresher! Dark patches are looking paler yet my skin overall is looking brighter, I still have a lot of ‘freckles’ but they look neater somehow and less dominant to my complexion. A course of 3-6 is recommended for the best results.

The most important thing to take into consideration when choosing to have any kind of ‘intense’ treatment is your pre and post skin prep. To head off to your local medispa without preparing your skin first and without planning your aftercare is asking for trouble, in fact you will probably end up in a worse condition than before you started. When I was working as a skincare therapist, I would never book anyone in for a chemical peel unless they were using an antioxidant on their skin for at least 2 weeks before treatment (I’ve even asked people to quit smoking before a peel as cigarettes deplete all the body’s vitamin C reserves! I was very strict!) and I would make sure they were using spf 50 every day. My antioxidant of choice was always Skinceuticals Phloretin CF or the Skinceuticals Serum 10 for more sensitive skins. Antioxidants fight free-radicals (environmental skin agers) to protect the skin and help prevent further damage. The most effective of the intense treatments are the ones that cause a superficial wound to the skin, thus tricking it into repairing itself and therefore rejuvenating. So it is paramount that your skin is in good health beforehand as the healthier it is the easier and better it will respond to repairing the ‘wound’.

The skin is at its most vulnerable to further damage immediately post laser so protecting it and reducing inflammation is the priority. Swisscode Bionic Stem Cell Recovering Complex is a miracle in a bottle! It contains Summer Lilac which is one of the most potent anti-inflammatory ingredients there are and stem cells to repair damage, I have a feeling it contains a bit of magic too because I have never used anything with such rapid results before! Another winner from Swisscode is the Swisscode Pure Kiribirth, this serum will further reduce the pigmentation damage using amino acids, algae and a range of antioxidants to supress excess melanin- it’s a fantastic product and a range really worth looking out for (Dr Nigma Talib is an ambassador of the brand, need I say more?!).

The products and treatments available these days are so incredible and can make ‘filtered’ complexions a real life possibility but pleeease take precautions, invest in the extra products needed and protect, protect, protect!

Murad Intensive C Radiance Peel £49.50 www.murad.co.uk

SKN-RG Advanced Brightening Moisturiser £49.50 www.skn-rg.com

Picoway Resolve Laser Treatment from £200 per treatment www.pulselightclinic.co.uk

Skinceuticals Phloretin CF £150, Skinceuticals Serum 10 £75 www.skinceuticals.co.uk

Swisscode Bionic Stem Cell Recovering Complex £150, Swisscode Pure Kiribirth £140 see www.swisscode-uk.co.uk for stockists or buy online at www.facethefuture.co.uk

P.S Don’t let your hands be a giveaway! Treat sun-damaged hands with Elemental Herbology Hand Nutrition £16 www.elementalherbology.com

How well do you know your ingredients?


This is a piece I wrote for www.stylenest.co.uk . Dr Gregoris really opened my eyes to the loopholes of advertising and labeling of beauty products, and it was a real revelation to me…..



You know how the best inventions are the ones that we feel should already exist? Well BAKEL is kind of like that; it is skincare the way it should always have been.

We are so used to seeing ‘paraben free’ or ‘perfume free’ on our products these days but shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t we have only ingredients that are beneficial to our skin in products? Shouldn’t the labels clearly tell us which extra/unnecessary ingredients have been added to our products instead?

Also, what is a paraben? If it’s taken out of a product, is it replaced by something equally as bad for our skin but just with a name we don’t recognise?! It is very much like the food labelling confusion that has been going on for years i.e something that is labelled as low fat can be loaded with extra sugars- actually making it worse for you! After much debate, food labels are improving and I would love it if beauty companies followed suit. It is time for transparency!


Step forward Dr Raffaella Gregoris! The Founder and creator of BAKEL, Dr Gregoris (with a Master’s degree in skincare chemistry and cosmetology, no less) when working in a cosmetics lab was shocked at what does (and what doesn’t) go into our skincare products. “How can a product containing less than 1-2% of Vitamin E be packed full of silicones and petrochemicals, but labelled a Vitamin E cream?!”. So BAKEL was born; 100% active ingredients and 0% useless substances, all labelled clearly and stamped with an expiry date. Not to mention being Kosher, nickel tested, metal free, gluten free, cruelty free & vegan, dermatologically tested, no animal testing, no petrochemicals, no silicones, no preservatives, no colourants, no alcohol, no perfume, no PEG/PPG, no sulphates, no MEA/DEA/TEA and no animal derivatives! Phew!


DH          Dr Gregoris, the philosophy of BAKEL is surely what we all want from our skincare products, why do you think it hasn’t been done before?

RG          It is mainly down to cost. The active ingredients are more expensive than the silicones etc that are put into products to fill them up. It is also very costly to put an expiry date on a product.

DH          What are the adverse effect on our skin of some of the unnecessary ingredients in products?

RG          Silicones for example (often used in products to make it feel smooth and silky) have been proven to cause dryness in the skin, thicken the skin and it is comedogenic (blocks pores). Many of the unnecessary ingredients come from animal derivatives- these raw materials are already full of preservatives before they go into the product and then more preservatives are added to the product! Actually parabens are not the worst of the preservatives- EDTA is much worse, and that is being used in a lot of the ‘paraben free’ products now!

DH          How would you reassure customers that 100% active ingredients will not overstimulate the skin.

RG          By active we mean ‘doing a particular activity’ every ingredient we put in our products will bring a benefit to the skin and is healthy for the skin. They are not all stimulating ingredients, many are hydrating and de-sensitising.

DH          How did you decide what products to create?

RG          I created a range to address all signs of ageing. You choose a serum for the effect you require and you choose a moisturiser for your skin type.

DH          Could you not put all the ingredients into one product to make a superhero product?!

RG          Unfortunately no! Chemistry doesn’t work like that I’m afraid, some ingredients work well and sit well together and others don’t. I have tried though!

DH          I love that you have created a baby range, why did you decide to include baby?

RG          Our consumers asked for it! We have a very loyal customer base and we listen to them. We all want the best for our children!

DH          Lastly, will you expand the brand or develop in-salon treatments?

RG          Watch this space!


To spend an hour chatting to Dr Gregoris is to change the way you think about products forever! I have products that I have loved for years, that I’m now viewing with a very sceptical eye. It is truly fascinating; we have been brainwashed into thinking that if a product feels/smells/looks a particular way that it is somehow better for us? How did this happen?!

Let’s get back to basics! Let’s use only the ingredients that have been proven to be healthy for our skin and let’s start being honest about what is really going into our products! Yes, we know beauty companies are much better at listing product ingredients nowadays but let’s be honest, do any of us actually understand them all?

Danielle x


Skincare and PCOS


I got diagnosed with PCOS at 16 years old and was fortunate enough not to have many of the nasty side effects, just irregular periods- no complaints there! I was put on the combined contraceptive pill and told to look up Polycystic Ovary Syndrome at the library (yes seriously- this was pre Google *insert Granny Face emoji here*).

Fast forward a few years; I came off the pill and my skin went wild! I’m not going to talk too much on the medical side of PCOS, it can be a serious condition in some cases and should be monitored by a medical professional, but I now have my skin under control (95% of the time) so I wanted to share what works for me (I realise that the skin issues associated with PCOS are not necessarily the most serious side effect but it can have a massive impact on self confidence and how we feel so it should be addressed).

There are varying degrees of skin problems for PCOS sufferers but they generally all stem from the same thing- blocked sebaceous glands. The sebaceous glands are the hair follicles/pores that house oil to keep our skin supple. PCOS can cause excess oil production, increased facial hair (hirsutism) and abnormally fast skin cell turnover, all of which block the pores. The oil and hair are self explanatory as to why they block the pores- the pores are only small and don’t need excess of anything to overcrowd them! But it is the cell turnover that causes the biggest problem; new cells are layering up before old cells have had time to shed- this creates a thicker and rougher feeling complexion. Therefore the blockages become much deeper and all the oil and dead skin cells have a more difficult time trying to escape, causing painful spots and bumps under the skin.

A natural instinct is to use a strong, oil removing cleanser and toner, but this can have an adverse effect; if the skin surface is stripped of oil, the receptors in the sebaceous glands send out an alarm to produce more oil! Thus adding to the problem. Cleansing is a very important first step though (in all skin care regimes), I like balm cleansers as the oil in them attracts the oil from your skin without stripping it but cleansers are very much a personal choice of what you like and what works for you.

For me, the most important part in my defence against PCOS is Retinol. Retinol exfoliates from the inside out! It uses vitamin A to push dead skin cells up and out (rather than removing the surface layer) this prevents that thickness in the skin. Retinol should be introduced VERY slowly to the skin; only1-2 times a week to begin with. I use La Rosche-Posay Redermic R every other night. Pregnant women should steer clear of retinol, although ironically (despite PCOS making it difficult to get pregnant) pregnancy actually counteracts the side effects of PCOS. Very funny Mother Nature.

With all these dead skin cells being pushed to the surface it is important that they are gently sloughed off at this level too. I don’t want to overstimulate my skin with a scrub so 1-2 times a week I use Ren Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial, this is a night lotion that contains a small amount of lactic & glycolic acid to remove the dead skin- it is dreamy! Now with all this exfoliating it is essential that I use an spf daily, whatever the weather! Without it I would be leaving myself exposed to free-radical and pigmentation damage. At the moment I’m using Skinceauticals Mineral Radiance UV Defence, it’s lovely and light so it’s fine to use under makeup.

It’s also really important to keep your skin as supple and nourished as possible (especially when it comes to skin healing if you’ve had a nasty breakout), and I’ve recently discovered the B range at Superdrug- it’s amazing! Think of it like Superdrug’s version of the Boots No.7 range. I’m using the B. Renewed Night Cream, it melts into the skin and leaves it so soft and moisurised- I’m really impressed! It contains hyaluronic acid and shea butter for moisturising, and peptides for improving elasticity, and it doesn’t have any nasty perfumes in it!

The last thing I do, which is more of a general pick me up, is to use the Ren Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial. Regardless of how well you look after your skin, we all have days where we need that something extra to put the glow back in our cheeks and the flash rinse does that for me! It contains water activated Vitamin C to totally brighten and revitalize the complexion, it’s great for anyone but particularly city skins and fatigued/stressed skins. Like an SOS in a bottle! Save Our Skin!

So that’s how I try to combat my PCOS skin, it may not work for everyone (age can be a factor, I am 35 so somebody younger will probably want to use a slightly lighter night cream) but I hope it will help because painful, bumpy skin is not fun for anyone.

Danielle x

Redermic R, £29.50 www.laroche-posay.co.uk

Wake Wonderful Night-time Facial, £32.00. Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial, £32.00 www.renskincare.com

Mineral Radiance UV Defence, £39.00 www.skinceuticals.co.uk

B.Renewed Night Cream, £11.99 www.superdrug.com


ProduktfotoA piece I wrote for www.stylenest.co.uk

Botulinum toxin A or ‘Botox’ as it is more commonly known is fast becoming the norm in the war against anti-ageing but what if there was a product that could give similar results to Botox minus the injections (and frozen face)? Step forward Biotulin!
Developed in the US and produced in Germany, Biotulin claims to make you look visibly younger in just 60 minutes!
The key ingredient of Biotulin is Spilanthol, a fatty acid and local anaesthetic extracted from the Acmella Oleracea plant. Spilanthol reduces facial muscle-contraction and therefore reduces the appearance of fine lines. Other key ingredients are Imperata Cylindrica (another plant extract) to hydrate the skin for 24hrs and also the much loved skin plumper; Hyaluronic acid!
I have been using Biotulin for 4 weeks now (btw a little goes a long way) and I am very impressed! My fine lines are noticeably softer and my skin is definitely more hydrated and dewy-looking! The claims are true; you do see a difference within the first 60 minutes of application but I think the true results show themselves over time, in fact the more you use the product, the more effective it becomes!
Personally, I don’t believe that Biotulin is a replacement to Botox but I do think it is a fantastic competitor and a really good natural product. It is a great option for those who aren’t quite sure about Botox or those who are just starting to enter the anti-ageing arena! It would also work well as a ‘maintainer’ between Botox appointments. Or of course for anyone who would never dream of having Botox but would still appreciate a more youthful appearance!

Danielle x

Biotulin £35.00



It’s true! This stuff is a miracle! Ladies (or gents) who can paint one hand but not the other or those who can’t paint at all, your prayers have been answered!

Apply any base coat, allow to dry, spray nails with Paint Can, dry (just a few minutes), apply any top coat, dry, then wash off excess. Voila! Perfect paint job!

Now for the details; you can definitely use any base/top coat but it does seem to last longer with the Nails Inc recommended 2 in 1 base and top coat. Also be warned- some of the pigment will find its way back into the top coat bottle and come out the next time you paint your nails- I found this out the hard way when I wrecked a lovely red I had just applied (sad face). The other thing to note is that it feels very thin on the nails- I’m used to my polish feeling more gel-like these days so it took a bit of getting used to (or you can just apply a gel effect top coat instead).

From start to finish it took me 15 minutes to complete (although I would advise you to buff your nails slightly first if they have any ridges or peeling because it will notice under the spray) and it lasted for 4 days without chipping. I realise that’s not very long but the chips were minimal and the real selling point for this polish is the ease of use.

Tips! Put A LOT of paper down when you are spraying! It travels far and wide! Another great tip I discovered is that you can apply it over existing colour, so it’s fantastic for a super quick colour change!

There are only 2 colours to choose from at the moment (‘Shoreditch Lane’, shown, and ‘Hoxton Market’ a fuscia pink shade) but I predict that this is the start of something huge, I am certain there will be more colours and improved (i.e longer lasting) formulas to follow in the future.

Bravo Nails Inc!

Nails Inc Paint Can £10.00 www.nailsinc.com

186866186867 Ta da!

Danielle x






Mineral Oil: Guilty until proven Innocent?

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I recently wrote this piece for www.stylenest.com and I wanted to share it with you…

Have you ever looked at the ingredients in a beauty product and recoiled in horror if the dreaded Mineral Oil was listed?! Well I have, many times in fact. I was told by my (beauty) college lecturer many moons ago that Mineral Oil clogs your pores and to avoid using it on yourself and on your clients at all costs. So I did without question.
But lately I have been asking the question; where’s the proof?
There are many outspoken influencers in the beauty industry regularly stating that ‘they won’t use ‘product x’ because it contains mineral oil’ but as far as I have seen there has been no evidence or papers written on the subject to prove that it is bad for us?
The first thing to understand is that there are very different grades of mineral oil, for example; petroleum (Vaseline) is mineral oil and so is liquid paraffin (like in a moisturising paraffin wax treatment manicure- not to be confused with what you would buy in a hardware shop for a paraffin heater). In fact, as a chemical mineral oil is boringly simple; it is only made of 2 atoms, carbon and hydrogen and it is very unreactive. The lack of reactivity means that skin reactions to mineral oil are almost unknown and certainly unproven.
Mineral oil does not dissolve in water either which gives it excellent barrier properties; if you have dry skin, it is usually due to the outer layer of your skin letting too much moisture escape. A thin layer of mineral oil will slow down the loss of moisture and rehydrate your skin very quickly. It would also be beneficial as a skin barrier if your skin is sensitive to washing powder etc.
In a cleanser, in my opinion, mineral oil is a fantastic ingredient to have- oil attracts oil so it will very efficiently remove all traces of makeup and grime from the skin, it will not absorb into the skin (so therefore cannot clog the pores- as long as you are removing the actual cleanser thoroughly) and will leave a protective barrier to prevent any moisture loss. Hence the popularity of the famous Eve Lom cleanser.
So in summary I would say that in terms of skincare, mineral oil is innocent! It seems perfectly fine to use and could be particularly beneficial on dry skin and in cleansers. It is so inert that it could also be the perfect option for sensitive skin too.
BUT!!! If we were to talk in terms of the environment, as a non-renewable material, mineral oil is certainly not green but that’s a whole other story…..!

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(PLEASE NOTE! This is just my humble opinion! Danielle x)